Tax Advisory Service

Private Individuals

As a provider of a tax advisory service, I work for both individuals and businesses. I advise individuals on all tax matters, from tax returns through to specialist tax questions. This includes, for example, tax advice relating to investments, real estate acquisition, change of employment, termination of employment or the deductibility of training costs. Of course, I will also support you in disputes with the tax authorities, for example in the context of appeals or proceedings.

In the field of accession- and inheritance tax, carefully planned asset transfers during a person's lifetime can lead to tax charges being avoided completely in most cases. Not everybody likes to think about this topic. It should, however, be though about.

Businesses and Entrepreneurs

I offer my support to businesses and entrepreneurs in all phases of the life of the company. Be it at the start of operations by providing advice on the best legal form from a tax perspective, through to financing and registering with the tax authorities. As part of ongoing business operations, I'll complete your accounting records and ongoing tax returns. But I am also on your side when it comes to tax audits or disputes with the tax authorities (opposition and litigation). A very low tax burden for your company is something I always keep in mind. In exceptional situations, such as a restructuring or acquisition of a company, I will happily accompany you and your business.

I advise both entrepreneurs and individuals on optimal tax asset transfers to the next generation.