Creative and forward-looking

Planning Advisory Service

For my clients I would like to be a straightforward and flexible partner who thinks outside the box of taxation advisory services. I will not only respond to your questions but I will also voluntarily and proactively make you aware of tax planning opportunities. And I'll never forget that tax considerations for private or business dispositions are important, but not usually in the foreground.

Solution-Oriented Consulting

I don't take a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Good advice must be implementable in a solution-oriented and cost-effective way. You will not only receive detailed explanations but also short, practical recommendations from me. Pricing is transparent and fair.

Expertise and Experience

With me, you get both. From both a financial management and tax advisory perspective. Within a consultation, I can fall back on almost twenty years of professional experience in various companies.

In addition to my consulting work, I work as a lecturer in higher education and in the training of colleagues. My clients benefit from this level of expertise during the consultation.

As part of the expatriate advisory services, I have also gained valuable knowledge and experience in key non-tax areas through my many years of focusing on this area, for example, remuneration trends, typical contractual arrangements or questions regarding social security.