Advice for Expatriate Assignments

My advisory services regarding international assignments is aimed at both the employer and the employee. I will help you as an entrepreneur to make the time spent abroad by your employee free from tax risk for both your company and the employee. Furthermore, it is important to adequately consider sufficient social security for the employee. Of course, the cost of a foreign assignment must be calculated properly before its start. Finally, it is important for both parties to find a fair and tax-optimised remuneration package for the assignment abroad. I can support you in every one of these regards. As part of this process, you will receive the very best of my many years of consulting experience and my knowledge in these disciplines.

If you are an employee, I will support you not only in the preparation of your tax return for which a number of details must be considered with regard to an assignment overseas. I will also advise you on social security for you and your family, the advantages of an abandonment of residence and, of course, on the tax optimisation of your assignment.